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5 Tips to Draft the Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017

With the end of the year approaching, you should begin planning your strategies for the coming year. This includes your digital marketing strategy.

New technologies, software, and applications can impact the way you reach your target audience. If you want to continue to grow your business, you need to be aware of these trends. Stay updated with the latest changes.

Start with the following 5 tips to draft the perfect digital marketing strategy for 2017.

#1 – Increase Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

First, you will need to prepare for the increase in mobile usage. Nearly 4 out of 5 Americans have a smartphone and use it daily. This is going to increase in the coming year. By ignoring the mobile market, you are ignoring the majority of consumers.

With mobile marketing, there is more emphasis on video content and social media marketing. You need to provide your target audience with easy to digest content. Your content still needs to include valuable information but formatted for quick consumption on mobile devices.

Social media sites and YouTube remain the most visited sites from mobile devices. Take advantage of these marketing channels to target the mobile market.

#2 – Start Using Social Media Ecommerce Solutions

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube already provide businesses with the option of including a “buy now” button. Recently, Instagram announced that they would begin implementing e-commerce options as well.

With more people spending more time on social media sites from their mobile devices, this is a great opportunity to boost your sales. These options provide an easier shopping experience for your customers and big innovations in this area on their way.

#3 – Create More Video Content

Along with an increased focus on social media, your 2017 digital marketing strategy should also include more video content. Video can be kept to a short format, at 2-minutes or less. This is the perfect amount of time to introduce a product or grab a viewer’s attention. Video is the preferred format of mobile users on the go.

Live video streaming is another area to explore. You can live stream events or showcase a product demonstration. There are several up-and-coming applications designed specifically for live video streaming through the top social media platforms.

In fact, several of these apps are likely to be bought out by major social networking sites, integrating the streaming features.

#4 – Create Smaller, Targeted Campaigns

Another effective digital marketing strategy for dealing with these changes is to use smaller, targeted campaigns. Narrow the focus of each campaign, offering helpful content to a very specific group of people.

Obtaining access to valuable marketing data is easier than ever. You can find out exactly how many people are interested in any given topic.

Use keyword research tools to divide your marketing campaigns into smaller sub-campaigns, with a narrower focus. You will be able to deliver a better experience to these users, as you are offering very specific content.

#5 – Use Personalized Content

Another benefit of using data to tailor content is the creation of personalized content. When you can place a user’s name in emails, newsletters, and other content, you start building a positive relationship. You build trust, which increases customer retention.

In addition to using data to create personalized content, you can use customer data to improve the quality of your content. You can discover what your audience is most interested in.

The more interest they have on a specific topic, the more important it is to create content on that topic. As with your smaller campaigns, this content should have a specific focus. Do not be worried if it only applies to a portion of your customers, you will create additional content for them as well.

The goal is to narrow your focus and then create personalized, tailored content and marketing material for each sub-group of your niche market.

This can also help you offer product recommendations or to develop new products that offer solutions for specific segments of your consumer base. Looking at what customers want allows you to tweak your products or services to better meet their needs.

In order to take advantage of customer data, you need the tools and resources to capture this data. A lot of beneficial information can be found through analytics software. Though, you should also utilize consumer reports, independent studies in your industry, and customer surveys.

You can expect major changes in the coming year. Live video streams, social media e-commerce, and personalized content are likely to become more crucial. Businesses will also have more access to data and more users will be on mobile devices.

Keep these tips in mind as you start planning your digital marketing strategy for 2017. Pay attention to these changes as they occur. And, remember to tweak your strategy if any these predictions do not pan out.

Author Bio – This guest article is written by SoulPepper, a leading California based digital marketing agency.