A Detailed Guide on How to Mount Your Flat Screen TV

Do you have a new flat screen TV you want to put up? Now is the time to think about the right way to mount it on your wall. There are many questions that you need to answer before you do so. The questions involve how to mount it and where to position it. One of the things that may help guide you is to determine which room you want to put your TV in.

But one thing for sure, you have to have a professional do this for you. Aside from this you also have to consider the positioning of your entertainment accessories. Things like speakers and video players need to be near your TV.

Here are some things you need to know:

  1. Always pick custom made mounts. Universal mounts are okay but they do not work with all brands. This makes a custom made mount a better choice.

  2. Studs. You must have wood studs or concrete if you plan to mount your TV from the ceiling. Wood studs work well if there is about 16 inches of space between the TV and ceiling. But if the space is about 2 feet, you have to get studs equipped with adjusters.

  3. Mounting for the family room. Usually the main consideration here is that a TV used in this room is HUGE. They go from at least 37 inches. You can mount your flat screen above the fireplace. It allows you to maximize space in that area. If you have limited space, a corner mount is the best. You can also mount it on the opposite wall. Or do the most common of all; mount it on a table top.

  4. Mounting in the kitchen. TV sizes must be around 20 inches. The best place to mount a TV is under the cabinetry. This saves your counter space.  This is a type of mount that you can bend upwards when the TV is not in use.

  5. Mounting in the den. A wall mounted tilting support is the best way to mount your TV in this place. The only other things that you need to consider are the positioning of the furniture and the size of the room. The screen size should complement the room size. By doing so, you will maximize your viewing pleasure wherever you position yourself.

  6. Applications for commercial use. The usual manner of mounting flat screens is with the use of ceiling mounts. The ceilings mounts used in business establishments are adjustable to a lower height. You can install extension columns to lower the mount. This makes for better viewing for everyone in the room. There are things that you need to consider before doing this. First is the space where you are going to put it. Second is the space required for the drop. Third is a sturdy joist where you can mount the brackets. 

People don’t mind waiting for their appointments at business establishments where they can watch the news or their favourite shows. Having a flat screen on a TV mount will do wonders for your business.

Image via freedigitalphotos.net (nonicknamephoto)