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Google Penguin 4.0 update – key elements

Google releases its latest 4.0 Penguin update, which is going to be a boon for the SEO community. Earlier, when your website was affected by a penguin update, other parts of Google’s algorithm could brush up immediately, but with the new update, you would have to wait until Google refresh Penguin manually. As latest update refreshes in real time, changes will be visible faster, generally taking effects rapidly after a re-crawl and re-index of a page.

Penguin becomes more granular

Google officials say that Penguin has become more granular, it can now devalue span by adjusting page ranking based on spam signals without affecting the rank of the whole site. Being more granular could mean a page-specific penalty if you happen to fall into these spam filters or a partial keyword penalty based on decreasing the ranking of any pages for particular search terms. Penguin 4.0 Infographic says that this is good new anyway because you will be able to see which part of your website is getting a penalty and will be able to resolve it with real-time feedback during a re-crawl and reindex.

Ways to avoid Penguin penalties

Penguin is part of Google algorithm, which has been designed to identify unnatural link footprints. So, you have to mimic natural viral distribution and generate links that make sense, content and page that make sense and use anchor text that make sense with the flow of content. Many websites are going to see some small changes during this period, so you should start cleaning up the site’s link profile.

Building a natural link profile

  • Don’t use over optimized anchors, instead generate more brand variations. You must stay normal.
  • Avoid using too much keyword rich anchors, especially if they don’t make sense.
  • Don’t link to the same target URLs and links to other content platforms like blogs and infographics.
  • Back links in author boxes in volume suck. Use links in the editorial flow of content look real.
  • Don’t put too much repeat links, think about seasonable trends and vary them monthly.
  • Change your link type, get citations, links from infographic credits, blogger outreach links, etc.

To conclude, Google Penguin 4.0 update is actually not a shock update that Penguin usually bring with it to the SEO community, because the impacts of real time penguin will only effect a page or part of a website and will remain temporary, hence you can clean it up and avoid falling into Google Penguin spam filters. Don’t think that you are going to wake up one morning with the dreaded site-wide penalty where the rankings of your website tanked. You will get time to clean up things and go further with white hat SEO tactics.

Hope you got a clear idea of Google’s latest Penguin version. If you want to get more information about this, log into Digitrio. This site will get you all infographics about Google penguin update for the sake of readers.