How to Make Money With A Free Mobile App?

In today’s app marketing conditions, it became very difficult to make a substantial profit from a mobile app. Competition is so harsh that even good and free apps cannot hold on the rankings on app stores. But for the ones that are both free and very successful on the app stores, some of you may ask how did they make money from unpaid mobile app? So here is my answer with 6 successful monetization models to make profitable mobile application business.

  1. Advertising

As people use their smartphones so often, advertising will continue to be the inevitable money source for every mobile app owner. In app advertising, which is publishing other brands ads in different formats through a mobile app, maybe the best option for monetizing a free mobile app. No matter how disruptive they maybe from users’ perspective, there are brand new advertising formats like native ads which are totally user friendly and non-intrusive.

  1. Free to Premium Option

The apps which are providing unique features to their users are usually paid in app stores right? Well it is not true because the competition level in app stores push app owners to switch paid model to freemium model which means offering unique features limited until user pay for them. This is very popular and effective method for monetizing mobile games when they provide outstanding free app experience to make them pay for additional features.

  1. Subscription Model

Like in the free to premium model, subscription also means limited free access to a mobile app. However, difference is: Subscription model is mostly used for the apps which are providing a rich content like video stream, articles or videos. It is very popular and profitable monetization method among news, stream and magazine kind of apps.

  1. Sponsors and Partnerships

Like in another job which has an audience, app owners can get a sponsor or partner for their app business in return of share of profit or advertising. It is also brand new and popular monetization strategy among app developers and publishers.

  1. In App Purchases

In app purchases, which is selling virtual items to users in your app except retail apps, is very smart way to profit from a free mobile app because there is almost no risk at all to lose money. However, they need to be well managed according to app’s or game’s main features to attract users to buy these virtual things to improve their app experience. This method shows great results with maximized revenues when it uses properly.

  1. Code Licensing

If you think you have developed a perfect mobile app which is doing what other apps cannot do with a flawless code, you can license app’s code to make public for other developers use. In this way, you can both earn money and respect from other developers by saving their time from writing a new code.