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How to ensure your homepage makes a great impression

There are a lot of things to think about when developing or rebuilding the web site for your business or brand.

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You need accurate content, contact details, and maybe even an online store. On top of that, in the modern world, you need to be focused on privacy and data security.

With all of that, it is easy to spend less time than you should on the homepage of your site. Keep in mind, however, that the home page is the first impression of your business that most visitors will get, so you should take a great deal of care when developing it.

To that end, here are three key areas to focus on to help your homepage make a great impression on your prospective clients.

Focus on the first impression

When going to a job interview or meeting a client for the first time, you make sure to dress nicely and put your best foot forward, because you know how important first impressions are to relationships. Your homepage is the first impression visitors will get, so it should be equally well presented.

If you are dealing with a professional web development company in London or elsewhere, they will help you to build a strong home page. Redsnapper have been providing web development services for over 20 years, and will know that you need strong branding, and also that you need to make it incredibly clear who you are and what you do, so visitors instantly know that you are what they are looking for.

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Include strong and accessible content

When someone visits your site, they need to clearly know who you are and what you do, and then be able to quickly find what they are looking for.

There is an old web development ‘five second rule’ which suggests that if a visitor cannot find what they are looking for within five seconds, they will leave and not come back.

Encourage visitors to take action

Calls to action are effective marketing tools, and something that you should take advantage of on your site.

In addition to giving customers the tools to contact you and take advantage of what your business provides, you should include options for social media interaction and sharing, drawing more traffic to your site.