See Why Email Marketing Software Is So Advantageous

Email marketing is without any doubt one of the most underrated ways to reach consumers. Sending commercial messages via email solves the issue of non-targeted marketing, and most, importantly, creates brand awareness. Many are of the opinion that email marketing is not relevant. They prefer concentrating their efforts of blogging or social media, which is not necessarily a mistake. The mistake lies in the fact that business managers do not integrate email marketing with their marketing strategies. People respond positively to emails, so it is safe to say that email marketing is effective.

Email marketing is very much alive, and it is highly unlikely that it will become obsolete. Maybe you have contemplated the idea of reaching customers via email, but you were not willing to deal with the challenges that such an approach implies. If you find that executing email marketing is difficult, you will be happy to hear that there is software that can help you in this respect. Email marketing software, as it is called, allows you to handle every aspect of the campaign. There are many benefits to using software of this kind. If you desire to know more, then you should definitely continue reading.

Effective, low-cost marketing solution  

Yes, you have to pay in order to use the service-based software. However, do not imagine that you will break the bank. Despite the fact that the technology is advanced, the pricing plan is not unreasonable. You are charged on a monthly basis, so you do not have to pay all at once. The point is that it does not cost you a lot to send a newsletter and reach subscribers. It surely costs you less than hiring an advertising agency. Anyway, you have the opportunity to try the service for free. If you do decide that you do not want to commit to the software program, that is fine with the service provider. No one coerces you to do anything.

Possibility to Integrate Email Marketing Software with CRM

You are currently using CRM software. The reason why you have implemented this technology is that you wished to improve the relationships that you have with your customers. The customer relationship management system has done nothing but do your business good. It is needless to say that you do not want to give up using it. The good news is that you do not have to, because you can integrate email marketing technology and CRM technology. Having both of them in place is actually recommended. ”Why?” you ask. Because you enjoy even greater advantages.  You can do things like personalize email messages and improve sales visibility.

With a solution like bpm’online Web Based Email Marketing Software, there is no need to make considerable efforts. The software is cloud based, which means that you are not required to install anything. When you need to reach your target audience, you just access the service. You can access this service on desktop and mobile devices. The same goes for PinPointe. When it comes to PinPointe, it is worth mentioning that it takes a few minutes in order to set up a campaign.

Save time and increase productivity

It is understandable why were not eager to try email marketing. You have to send commercial messages one at a time, which takes a great amount of time, time that neither you nor your employees have. Good thing that there is a system that can help you with newsletters. With an email marketing system, you can create and deliver campaigns in a timely manner. Time is certainly one thing that you will not be wasting. Tools like Zoho allow you to do more than that. What you are able to do is:

  • keep mailing lists
  • use interesting templates
  • get reports and statistics


It is impossible not to love the automation part. You will save time, not to mention that your employees will be a lot more productive since they can deploy their efforts in areas where it is really necessary.

A good example of email marketing software: bpm’online


Bpm’online is an outstanding example of software program. What makes this system so special is the fact that it is web-based, and that it can be integrated with bpm’online CRM. If you use this tool, then you enjoy the following features:

  • Send mass emails. This technology empowers you to send a great number of messages at the same time to your audience. But this is not the most significant thing. The important thing is that you can monitor the responses that you receive.
  • Establish customer interests. Since you can go through the newsletters that you have created, you are able to identify what customers are interested in. well, not you, your sales reps. You have a map that shows you the links that were used in the campaign, obviously the preferred ones.
  • UT Tracking. With the system, you can track all of your URLs, in order to analyze conversions.