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Tips For Beginners To Solitaire

One of the biggest trends in mobile gaming comes in the adaptations of board games and card games. Classic solitaire has always been the king of card games, mobile or otherwise, and sometimes you need a helping hand on the best tricks when you’re just starting out. Here’s a few helpful tips on how to master solitaire quickly:

Don’t Expect to Win Every Round

Solitaire is not an exact science. There are rules and ways to play, but you cannot win every single game of solitaire. Becoming obsessed with winning at any costs, like many players have in the past, can drive you a little nuts. If the game wasn’t winnable (which does happen), you still learned and added experience to you stack. In the end, you still win something.

Ace in the Hole

Always move your aces and deuces to the foundation. There’s nothing else you can do to help yourself except get them on the foundation. Keeping them in play is only going to harm your game in the long run.

Eye on the Prize

Don’t forget that the goal is to win the game. Don’t think of your short game; think of the long-term and always strive to win. Don’t cop out early and just go for the most points that you can get. Keep your eye on the prize, and eventually, you’ll find the right ways to reach it.

Apply these tips to your solitaire game and you’ll see immediate improvements.