Drivers won’t work! Visit Our Computer Repair Service in Fort Lauderdale

One of the most common problems that arise with our PC during the computer repair is that there are failures with the drivers of any of the devices of our team, and we may not know what to do in this situation. If you pay attention to what I am going to explain you will learn to solve the problems that arise due to failures with the controllers during the computer repairing process.

When a driver generates problems, our operating system does not load properly, error messages are generated and the computer restarts, this happens because the system seeks to protect itself and start an instance before loading the defective controller. Ideally, during the restart process, press the F8 key and select the option “return to the last configuration that worked correctly”, in this way the computer will start correctly.

Then you must perform the following Computer repair procedure:

1. Go to the control panel and select the option SYSTEM-> HARDWARE-> DEVICE ADMINISTRATOR

2. In this window we will observe a list where the devices and controllers of the system are, you will have to recognize the device with problems which is with an exclamation point or question

3. Then we double click on the device with problems and go to the option -> CONTROLLER, there will be several options, where we can select

Return to the previous driver: We selected this option when we installed a driver that was harmful to our equipment, and we return to the previous one.

Update driver: this option is used when we have the driver that needs updating.

Uninstall driver: this option is chosen when we have installed a new driver, then uninstall the one we had previously to avoid conflicts in our PC.

You should keep in mind that the drivers for a device vary according to the operating system where they are installed. If you perform the steps I just mentioned you can solve those problems that are presented with the drivers on our PC.