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What Are the Advantages of Azure Cloud?

Microsoft Azure Cloud is one of the market leaders when it comes to cloud solutions. This is evidenced by how other cloud companies provide services related to Azure Cloud. Liquiddatasystems.com, for example, offers custom solutions for cloud storage in Azure. What’s in Azure that makes it a dominant player in the cloud business? What specific advantages or benefits does it offer?



Microsoft Azure is known for its advantageous speed across the board. It is fast not only when it comes to operation but also in terms of deployment and scalability. This translates to increased business agility, which means better response to changes with respect to cloud solution needs. With this agility, businesses can try out solutions suitable for their operations and objectives without having to worry about the high costs of changing


Global Reach

Azure cloud guarantees fast and reliable global reach. It has servers located in different parts of the world to ensure that companies using their cloud solutions can quickly and efficiently reach their target audience. This is not to say that other cloud providers are not capable of providing this kind of advantage. Azure Cloud, though, has a solid track record when it comes to addressing data needs on a global scale.


Integrated Development Environment

Another notable feature of Azure Cloud is its tie-up with Visual Studio, one of the world’s best development environments. Visual Studio is tightly integrated with Azure Cloud, which creates a number of advantages. For one, it significantly reduces the usual learning curve that comes when staff need to learn a new platform. Additionally, the Azure-Visual Studio integration makes it quicker to deploy teams and learn what they need to learn on the job. This integration is generally viewed as Azure’s willingness to adjust to developers’ needs.


Excellent End-to-End Solution

Azure Cloud comes with a completely integrated delivery pipeline, which makes it a great end-to-end cloud solution for most purposes. The whole Azure Cloud package stands out or at least matches the offerings of the best in the market such as Google and Amazon Web Services. Azure provides basically everything from the source control to unit testing, integration testing, delivery, and tools for going live. Getting Azure cloud makes for great continuity and eliminates most integration issues as it provides everything necessary for deploying a dependable cloud setup under a single umbrella.


Great Disaster Recovery

Azure makes it easy to cope with a disaster or unwanted incidents as it provides failover options at the regional and global levels, hot and cold standby options, as well as rolling reboot capabilities. All of these are designed to work readily, right out of the box, which makes it easier to go through disaster recovery. Not all businesses may pay a lot of attention to disaster recovery but it is always advantageous to be well prepared.

These are just some of the main advantages of Azure cloud. They help bring about efficiency and reliability. Moreover, they make it easier for companies and organizations to be compliant with industry or government policies and regulations.


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