Sports Club Management Software Features that are Often Overlooked

You can find many options for sports club management software. They come with different sets of features and functions. Many users, however, tend to overlook certain features that are highly useful. These apps can make club management easier by providing tools not many users pay attention to.

If you are using sports club membership management software, consider examining it for functions you may not be using. It would be a waste spending on an app when you are not making the most out of it. Go over the following and see if they apply to your case.

  • Analysis/insights. Many sports club apps come with the ability to display important data presentations to facilitate analysis. These could be about the growth or decrease in membership, the attendance of members, or the popularity of classes. If you are seeking to improve your sports club, it’s only logical to scrutinise these details with the help of the integrated analysis features of the software you are using.
  • Email and SMS broadcasts. Some sports club software comes with the ability to make broadcasts via SMS or email. It’s a convenient feature to provide a unified way of disseminating information for club members. It can even reduce costs as you no longer have to use a separate communication platform for sending out announcements or bulletins. If your software has this feature, take advantage of it and have a more easily trackable way of sending mass updates to specific contacts, groups, or even to the parents of your sports club members.
  • Coach notes and messaging.  Another excellent feature some sports club apps have is the ability to let coaches leave notes on athletes or activities. It’s a great way to make it easier for you or your staff to get updated with athletes’ progress based on the notes supplied by coaches.
  • Automated payments. Instead of spending a lot of time dealing manually with subscriptions, why not use the automation features that come with the app you use? Managing subscriptions can be tedious, especially when they involve a combination of weekly, monthly, or yearly subs.
  • Digital transactions. Everything can be conducted digitally, through the web. You can find decent sports club software that comes with digital registers. With these, you no longer have to go through the hassle of printing paper copies of all records. You can put everything up on the cloud for easy access from anywhere. You can also handle transactions over the internet, not only for registrations but also for updating members, and for other critical actions.
  • Mobile app. Many sports clubs only use software for their front desks– for registration, attendance, and some administrative work. The accompanying synchronizable mobile app may be overlooked. The mobile app provides an excellent way for sports club managers, owners, or staff to manage everything without getting tied to a desktop, so it only makes sense using it.

If you are not using the features discussed above, it’s time to check them out. You may not be making the best use of the software you paid good money for.