Benefits of Owning an E-Commerce Website

If you wish to sell your products online, the best way to do it is to make your website, because most marketplaces are not that efficient and will not help you reach the improved heights you wish in the first place.

Of course, each option features its own set of advantages and disadvantage, you cannot find the best solution that will fit all your needs, but if you wish to take your business to another level, having your e-commerce website is a vital thing to do.

On the other hand, you can choose marketplaces that are prominent such as Wal-Mart, eBay, Etsy or Amazon, and those can be perfect channels for merchants, and they are great for starting.

However, if you noticed that you already have a base of customers, you can easily funnel them toward your website instead of using third-party marketplace. According to most experts, the marketplace alone is not enough for achieving and increasing your business to new levels.

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We will present you reasons why you will need stand-alone and specific e-commerce website for your merchant career:


  • You Can Build Customer Email List


One of the biggest aspects of having your e-commerce website is that you can market yourself directly to potential customers and visitors.

When compared with other marketplaces, where people will buy your product based on the marketplace recognition, as soon as you start engaging and connecting with customers directly through your website, you will get contact information that will help you promote your future products and services.

As soon as you gain contact information of your customers, you will get email addresses that you can use to send them discounts, promotions and promote new products that will come in the future.

Having steady and returning customers is challenging when you use a third-party marketplace because you will not be able to have direct access to them. That will provide you fewer opportunities to improve your brand and promote other products as well.

It is much cheaper and easier to retain the existing customer than finding a new one, communication and engagement is something that will help you generate more significant revenue than before.

You will have relevant information such as who has bought from you in the past as well as other valuable data such as what they are interested in and how much it are willing to spend. You can use this data so that you can influence future purchases.

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  • You Can Strengthen and Establish Your Brand


When you use the marketplace to sell your products, you will be a generic seller and merchant. Most of them will limit the descriptions and word count as well as logo usage, so you will not be able to customize your brand.

Have in mind that marketplace feature its brand that will always be ahead of yours, which means that it will be impossible to build brand recognition and awareness overall.

In most cases, customers and visitations will assume that product is the central part of the marketplace without the realization that you exist as the personal brand. Therefore, people who purchase your products will remember the marketplace brand instead of yours.

You should think about the goal you wish to achieve and provide your customers with the ability to associate and get familiar with your brand and products, which will allow you to make a more significant success than before

When you have your e-commerce website, you will be able to have full control on things you wish to implement and do inside.

Therefore, you can create a visual perspective based on your preferences, add product descriptions by following search engine optimization and you can implement a blog post that will help people understand how they should use your products and services.

You will have endless possibilities, and you can even improve your brand by using customized boxes so that you can create a great impression on your customers. The best thing about owning a website is that you will get credit for your product and not a marketplace that you use.


  • Target Audience


By owning an e-commerce website, you will be able to learn more about your customers that include demographics, as well as other ways that will help you reach more of them both through paid advertisements and organically.

You can analyze their behavior; see what they looked at so that you can implement call-to-action to boost their perspectives and give them discounts on something they wish to purchase.

That way, you will be able to learn about traffic sources that are bringing customers toward your business, so that you can focus marketing efforts to bring more people as time goes by.