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How to Check What Type of Ink Your Printer Accepts

In most occasions when buying a printer, you will get an instruction manual that helps you to understand how the machine works. The manual will also indicate the type of ink that the printer uses. Using the wrong type of ink will lead to poor results. There are other instances where the cartridges get spoiled while in use hence you should have replacement printer ink cartridges for such cases.

However, you might lose your instructions manual hence causing difficulty in identifying the correct type of ink cartridge to use. This article will guide you in other ways through which you can determine the kind of ink to use.

One sure way of confirming your ink type is by inspecting the packaging used to deliver the used-up cartridge. In most cases, the distributors usually print the type of ink to be used by that specific printer on the sides of its packaging.

You can also look at the ink reference card that comes with the printer. It is important to note that not all manufacturers provide the ink reference card.

Another way to find out the type of ink to use is by opening the printer and allowing the ink carrier to move to where you can inspect it. The ink carrier has a product number imprinted on it that you can use to look for its correct ink type. There are ink carriers that have the number printed on parts where you cannot see by only opening the printer; hence you have to remove the entire cartridge.

Your printer’s model number and make can help you get the correct type of ink. Most printers have their model number on their sides, back or bottom. If you are not able to locate the printer’s model number, visit the manufacturer’s website and you will get assistance on finding the model number and the ink type for that specific model.

In conclusion, apart from using the correct type of ink, you should get the lowest cost printer ink available in the market.