Why Instagram Is A Nice Marketing Platform

Many businesses have turned to Instagram to market their businesses, and professionals from any Social Media Agency will advise you to do the same. But why Instagram instead of other social media platforms like Facebook? The following are the reasons why Instagram is a nice marketing platform.

1.Fast growth

Instagram has hit 800 million active users. Comparing to other top social network apps, Instagram comes in the sixth place surpassing Twitter, and Snapchat whose growth has now reached a plateau level. Twitter, for instance has 330 million users. Source: http://www.businessofapps.com/data/instagram-statistics/. Considering the stats, one can see the significance of using Instagram to promote their brands and businesses, it is because it has a steady growth since its inception in 2010 and it has now acquired the highest number of users.

2. Higher engagement rates

Aside from a skyrocketing user base, Instagram also shows a high user engagement. This means that many users that have this app check it daily and they interact with each other a lot through the likes and comments. This is a healthy tradition that will see people advertise their businesses with ease.

3. Visual character

Instagram is based on videos and photographs so it is easy for brands to achieve more visibility form the use of uploading appealing pictures of their products gaining more prospects and enhancing brand loyalty form the consumers. A picture is worth a thousand words so by the use of pictures and videos in this app, the consumers feel more connected to the visuals than reading texts in text-based social media platforms like Twitter.

4. Mobile Platform

It is mostly because Instagram is an app that works on mobile phones that has made it so popular. Many people own mobile devices that they use to access this app. This means that once you have an android device and an internet connection, you can access Instagram anywhere at any time. Internet will be more accessible in the near future so apps like Instagram have every reason to smile since their growth will likely grow.