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Are PWAs the future of e-commerce?

In the context of an increasing number of mobile applications, we are talking about the development of PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) as a new form of creating mobile applications. Cost reduction, significant user convenience, shorter development time – these are only some of the advantages of PWAs, which make them seem to be the future of the e-commerce market.

In a sense, it can be said that PWAs are answers to the problems and dreams of many people who have tried to implement their solutions in the form of mobile applications.

What are PWAs?

What are actually PWAs? This is the new standard for creating mobile applications, the premise of which is accessibility through a web browser without the need to install a native application. An important assumption of this type of application is also that at least part of the functionalities be available offline.

Unlike native applications, using PWAs there is no need to create several versions of applications for different operating systems. PWAs operate on various browsers that allows you to run them on any operating system.

The advantages of PWAs from the user’s perspective

First of all, it should be noted that the vast majority of clients using the e-commerce market browse the Internet using mobile devices. This allows for significant flexibility, which is so valuable nowadays.

From user’s point of view, one of the biggest advantages of PWAs  is that you do not need to install a native application on your device. Especially nowadays, when every corporation encourages its customers to install applications, it is difficult to encourage them to install even more software.

At the same time, more applications are also less and less used – it is difficult to find them among many competing programs.

The need to install native applications, also attaches users to specific service providers (which can be an advantage for business). Users, however, want to have the freedom and the ability to choose goods whenever they want. Although we would like customers to buy only our products and use our services, forcing them to use a native application can make them feel discouraged permanently.

The advantages of PWAs from the business perspective

It seems, however, that the implementation of PWAs from the business point of view is much more important.

Lower costs

One of the most important factors that makes us want to develop PWAs is simply a much lower cost compared to native applications. This is mainly due to the fact that we do not have to prepare separate versions for various operating systems. In the case of mobile applications, security also plays an important role here – in the case of PWAs, the browser is responsible for a significant part of the security mechanisms. Just use the built-in functions to guarantee your safety.

Lower costs are also associated with maintaining the version and updating them. The preparation of a new version for several operating systems is problematic. At the same time, support should also be provided for users who simply do not make updates. In the case of PWAs this problem does not exist!

Full responsiveness

Today’s user wants to use the mobile application on any device. It can be a smartphone, a tablet but also a computer. An application should be fully prepared for this and these are PWAs that are assumed to be the solution – fully responsive and adapted to different devices and resolutions.

Faster development – shorter time to market

Shorter development time is associated with the features mentioned earlier. There is no need to create separate versions for different operating systems. Again, security or authorization matters are important here. In the case of PWAs and in contrast with native applications, they are solved by the mechanisms of a browser. In the case of dedicated applications, it is often necessary to create a security architecture from a scratch.

Encouraging users

Easy opening of the application without the need of installing software on your own device is undoubtedly a huge anvantage. User can use our service easily without having to do many unnecessary preliminary steps. That comfort can be convincing for him to become our loyal customer.

Why are PWAs perfect for e-commerce?

For the aforementioned reasons, PWAs are particularly well-suited for e-commerce businesses. The most important features that make them a perfect solution for e-commerce are primarily the lack of installation. In many cases, our site is not visited by our clients (every day or even several times a day – as is the case with other applications). We want our client to have the convenient access when he really needs – when he wants to make a purchase or get acquainted with the offer. It is not necessary for this to have the application installed all the time.

It is also extremely important that our application is fully responsive and that time-to-market be as short as possible. Often, it must take as little time as possible, from the moment of the idea to the moment of implementation, for the profitability to be as high as possible. For this reason, creating a native application on several systems is more problematic and extends the time to monetize our project. Thanks to PWAs, we can avoid this problem.

Other advantages mentioned above also make PWAs more and more popular in e-commerce, but also on the market in general, and at the moment it seems that this trend will continue for the next few years.

The article is based on: https://asperbrothers.com/blog/why-progressive-web-apps-pwa-are-the-future-of-ecommerce-and-marketplace/