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Buying motorcycle gloves is a small investment that can produce significant results. They are not products that you enjoy viewing from the shelf. They are open to taking dirt and normal wear and tear as you ride along. A few maintenance tips will be necessary to keep the top shape of the gloves in every ride.

  1. Wiping after every ride.

The gloves get dirty despite the distance you ride. You should wipe them using a clean and dry cloth to maintain them to the highest level. Wiping removes dust such that it does not build up.

  1. Washing the gloves.

You should meticulously clean your motorcycle gloves after every two weeks if you drive on them every day. You can wait for up to a month if you ride less often. When cleaning the gloves, use high-quality shampoo while still following the instructions given. Let the gloves air dry in a clean and dry location away from direct sunlight.

  1. Dust shake the gloves.

When riding in dusty places, give a good shaking to your gloves when you get home. It will help work out dust and dirt from the gloves gaps. Do not beat the gloves on anything as it would damage the leather. Instead, freely shaking them will not harm them in any way. You can alternatively use a vacuum hose to blow out dust particles from between the fingers of the glove.

  1. Conditioning the gloves

Conditioning your gloves ensures that the leather does not crack. You can condition them after every shampoo or even more frequently. By conditioning your gloves, you prevent the leather from drying out and cracking. You give your leather a chance to last longer by conditioning it. The frequency of conditioning the gloves will depend on how frequent you wear them.

  1. Avoid longer periods in water

Leather gloves should not get left in water for very long. Do not leave your gloves out when it is raining. In case you ride in the rain, wipe the excess water until the gloves get as dry as possible. Keeping your leather gloves dry will improve their durability.