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SEO Consultant or Specialist? Hire One To Improve Your Site’s Speed For Hong Kong Audience

A SEO specialist is expected to be able to put up a basic strategy for your website’s SEO, and apply all the basic changes for optimization. A SEO consultant is a person who can tell you many of his past working experience and can help you decide the right strategies and tactics under the different and many scenarios of your website. An SEO expert is usually the combination of the two. For your website to do well on Google (organically) for Hong Kong’s market, the best option is to hire a Hong Kong SEO expert to work through all aspects of your site.

When visitors arrive at your site from locally in Hong Kong, you will want them to see your pages as soon as possible. This “speed” concept also applies well with the search engines. For example, Google emphasizes that speed of your website plays a part in the possibly of your site having higher ranking organically in the search results pages.

Find ways to make your website load faster, including mainly the most important pages. The most important pages are usually the pages that get the most visitors. You can identify these pages through the use of Google Analytics reports and/or Google Search Console reports.

A few areas you can focus when optimizing for the speed of your pages: The reduction of the number of DNS lookups, the use of images with small sizes, upgrading your web server software to higher versions (or the latest versions), compression of files, combining of JavaScript files and CSS files, and more.

Set up and use CDN (i.e. content delivery network) for your site’s static files if possible. One other technique which is more expensive than most others is to actually upgrade your web server’s hardware.

After all the techniques that you may be able to apply for speeding up your website, you will understand many aspects in it – This will lead you to do a better SEO job in the future for any other websites whether it is HK local site or a global site.

Don’t afraid of making mistakes when applying your search engine optimization techniques. Mistakes may be bad or costly. This is why from the very beginning you must set up an environment where it allows you for experimentation. With the environment to do many experiments, you can sometimes break the rules. Gradually, you will be able to figure out what works and what don’t. Keep the techniques that work. Forget the ones that don’t.

Attend at least one conference that is related to internet marketing or SEO. The conference can be one that is held locally in Hong Kong, or overseas. The main purpose to attend such conference is to find out what’s going on with the industry and see what other internet marketers and search marketers are up to.

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