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Why Instagram Is A Nice Marketing Platform

Many businesses have turned to Instagram to market their businesses, and professionals from any Social Media Agency will advise you to do the same. But why Instagram instead of other social media platforms like Facebook? The following are the reasons why Instagram is a nice marketing platform.

1.Fast growth

Instagram has hit 800 million active users. Comparing to other top social network apps, Instagram comes in the sixth place surpassing Twitter, and Snapchat whose growth has now reached a plateau level. Twitter, for instance has 330 million users. Source: Considering the stats, one can see the significance of using Instagram to promote their brands and businesses, it is because it has a steady growth since its inception in 2010 and it has now acquired the highest number of users.

2. Higher engagement rates

Aside from a skyrocketing user base, Instagram also shows a high user engagement. This means that many users that have this app check it daily and they interact with each other a lot through the likes and comments. This is a healthy tradition that will see people advertise their businesses with ease.

3. Visual character

Instagram is based on videos and photographs so it is easy for brands to achieve more visibility form the use of uploading appealing pictures of their products gaining more prospects and enhancing brand loyalty form the consumers. A picture is worth a thousand words so by the use of pictures and videos in this app, the consumers feel more connected to the visuals than reading texts in text-based social media platforms like Twitter.

4. Mobile Platform

It is mostly because Instagram is an app that works on mobile phones that has made it so popular. Many people own mobile devices that they use to access this app. This means that once you have an android device and an internet connection, you can access Instagram anywhere at any time. Internet will be more accessible in the near future so apps like Instagram have every reason to smile since their growth will likely grow.

How to Check What Type of Ink Your Printer Accepts

In most occasions when buying a printer, you will get an instruction manual that helps you to understand how the machine works. The manual will also indicate the type of ink that the printer uses. Using the wrong type of ink will lead to poor results. There are other instances where the cartridges get spoiled while in use hence you should have replacement printer ink cartridges for such cases.

However, you might lose your instructions manual hence causing difficulty in identifying the correct type of ink cartridge to use. This article will guide you in other ways through which you can determine the kind of ink to use.

One sure way of confirming your ink type is by inspecting the packaging used to deliver the used-up cartridge. In most cases, the distributors usually print the type of ink to be used by that specific printer on the sides of its packaging.

You can also look at the ink reference card that comes with the printer. It is important to note that not all manufacturers provide the ink reference card.

Another way to find out the type of ink to use is by opening the printer and allowing the ink carrier to move to where you can inspect it. The ink carrier has a product number imprinted on it that you can use to look for its correct ink type. There are ink carriers that have the number printed on parts where you cannot see by only opening the printer; hence you have to remove the entire cartridge.

Your printer’s model number and make can help you get the correct type of ink. Most printers have their model number on their sides, back or bottom. If you are not able to locate the printer’s model number, visit the manufacturer’s website and you will get assistance on finding the model number and the ink type for that specific model.

In conclusion, apart from using the correct type of ink, you should get the lowest cost printer ink available in the market.

Jumping Castles – The Fun Way to Love Jumping

Your kids obviously deserve some time to relax and enjoy, especially after being through long months of study. Among the most exciting ideas would be taking them to a place of fun which has a jumping castle. You will realize that the faces of your kids will lighten up immediately after they get to see the colorful and delightful design of a jumping castle. You will probably get enticed to play on it with them. Make sure you have a look at jumping castle hire prices Melbourne for your next special event.

Most kids enjoy being inside the jumping castle for long hours without getting bored. There is a wide range of jumping castles that you can choose from. You can go for the one that is based on cartoon characters or even for a custom theme that will suit your kids’ preference.

Jumping castles are manufactured using strong and thick vinyl or PVC and nylon. The PVCs used usually have fire retardant properties and are also comprised of -20 degrees cold crack. There is no lead used in making these castles and therefore 100% child-safety is guaranteed.

There are many people that have bought jumping castles so as to save on the cost of hiring it recurrently. Most of the manufacturers now offer the jumping castles as a direct sale and therefore the prices are relatively affordable. You will also get access to awesome offer repairs and maintenance that is under a warranty of approximately 12 to 24 months.

You can also go for the option of hiring a jumping castle for a special event or occasion. It is advisable that you go for an offer that provides for staff who will help in supervising the whole playtime until the rental hours has ended. You will obviously have to dig a little bit deeper for this but it will go a long way in enhancing the safety of the kids that are playing in the jumping castle.

Plasma lamp balls

The most common forms of matter taught in schools include solids, liquids, and gases. You were probably taught that too but have you ever known that there is an additional state known as plasma? When enough energy is supplied into a gas so as to split electrons from molecules so that the electrons and the ions can exist independently is what’s referred to as plasma state.

In some learning institutions, plasma balls are used for physics experiments. It is important to understand how the balls function and what they can be used to demonstrate. Plasma balls are usually filled with non-reactive gases that emit light when an electric current is passed through them. It is important to note that when you place your finger close to a plasma ball, the electric beams concentrate on your finger. However, there is no danger in that because the current cannot pass through the glass.

Plasma ball top 5 tricks can also help in making the learning process a bit more interesting. Below are two things that can be demonstrated with a plasma ball.


The threads found inside the plasma balls are usually light hence they can rise as a result of buoyancy. This makes it possible to break any horizontal streamer within a short time. However, when you use vertical streamer, it gets stabilized at the top by the buoyancy. This a good way to demonstrate how convection occurs.

To investigate oscillating electric fields

You should understand that the electric field that’s created by the coil inside the lamp can go beyond the lamp’s glass into the atmosphere. You can investigate that electric field by bringing a neon bulb into close proximity with the electric field. You will notice that the bulbs will begin to light as you bring it into the electric field when aligned in a radial position but won’t light when in a circular position. This proves that the current in the electric field is radial.

The Process of Attaining USA Instagram followers from BRS Company

BRS has a perfect track record when it comes to helping new and established brands attain a strong Instagram presence. This is mostly through followers. Penetrating your business brand into the American industry isn’t simple or easy as it sounds, especially if you personally attract followers on Instagram. Go ahead and buy USA Instagram followers from BRS Company for fast online presence. Below are some factors worth considering before purchasing any Instagram followers package:

  • What market size do you desire to serve? Always go for American Instagram followers you can comfortably serve when turned into customers.

  • What is your budget or financial capability of your Company? Choose a package your Business can comfortably afford.

Feel free to consult BRS for help or question you might be having regarding the selected package. Afterwards, let them know the USA Instagram followers package you have selected. You are also required to make payment during this stage. There are numerous online payment platforms you can use for payment. Simply select a reliable payment method.

You will automatically receive an email from your appointed manager once your payment has been received and order processed. Generally BRS will set up your selected campaign within 24-48hours upon payment. Contact BRS to get USA Instagram followers for the following reasons:

  • Their staff will help you establish effective marketing strategies. Remember marketing strategies are vital as they determine the number of Instagram followers who will order your products or service. This social media marketing experts will support you until your campaigns are both effective and productive. This gives you ample time to prepare enticing and attractive content for your followers.

Don’t be left out in this campaign. Consider purchasing USA Instagram followers to help you penetrate into the American market.